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Arsenio Tina Sergio Trykell

Hello!!! If you have arrived here it is because you will have the curiosity to know who we are, then do not worry we will tell you.

The Trykell workshop is made up of Arsenio, Tina and Sergio, a family with many years of experience working with wood, first decorating, designing and manufacturing commercial interiors with their own personality; a time in which we learned a lot of things working with different designers, we learned to value the work, whether large or small, to offer our clients the best solution for their business, and now applying all that experience in the manufacture of our material from inspiration Pikler, Montessori and Waldorf.

And why? you will ask yourself....

Well, simple, we have arrived here thanks to the need to reorganize our workshop, one stage is over and we begin another.

We have accepted this very different and exciting challenge, which is to create something with your hands that the children will then use for fun, will give it unimaginable uses, and will be part of their development accompanying them during a very important part of their lives.

We like to think that each day is a new adventure in their lives and that with our products those adventures can be great.


We are in:

Trykell Innova Pol. Industrial Sta. Olalla C/ Pedro Ortíz Ramos 9, 45530 Santa Olalla - Toledo   España

Si tienes dudas llama al:  925744019  

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