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What is Kamishibai?

What is Kamishibai? 
Who Invented Kamishibai?
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Kamishibai literally means, in Japanese, "dramatic art on paper" and has been, and is, a way of telling stories in public that has its origins in the Buddhist temples of Japan, back in the distant twelfth century.

The monks used scrolls that combined images with text to tell stories to audiences who, at the time, were mostly illiterate.

Around 1920 the Kamishibai was consolidated as a traditional way of telling stories.

Two key elements were:

A butai, or wooden theater as a support and a story divided into illustrated sheets as content.

butai kamishibai a3.jpg laminas kamishibai.jpg

All corners of Japan were filled with analog stories through the Gaito Kamishibaiya.


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