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How to use

What is Kamishibai? 
Who Invented Kamishibai?
How to use
Theater + story packs

Before telling you how to use a Kamishibai, I want to explain what it is made of.

A wooden briefcase or Butai which opens its doors and creates a stage in which your audience gathers around it.

Inside it, a story divided into sheets printed on both sides: one side (front) with the illustration and another side (back) with the text and an image of what is being seen in front.

From here, the limit is set by your imagination.

Is it very difficult to use a Kamishibai?

That is if we recommend that before becoming an authentic Gaito Kamishibaiya you have to familiarize yourself with the theater, how to pass the pictures, what activities to do with it, etc.

Do not worry because with our theater we include a very complete guide on how to use it and get the most out of it.

But we repeat you again .. here you are the one who commands and the limits are set by you!

Modos uso Kamishibai

Where can I use my Kamishibai?

Our Kamishibai can be used in any place or space, at home, in a meeting of friends, in workshops, parties, etc ...

Being large, your audience can grow as much as you want, and you can use it to exercise your revolution think big, in colleges, schools, universities ... (remember that the contents can be done by you, think beyond short stories children).

   In your yoga or wellness center.

   In family constellation workshops.

In storytelling and storytelling training.

In art galleries.

 On a massive birthday (sometimes it is difficult to entertain the 15 friends of your children who have come to wear purple hookahs and carbonated drinks)

 In the square of your town, in the summer parties.


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