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General conditions.

Shipping costs are included in the price of the product, although particular cases may arise, we will notify you before you place the order in the shopping cart.

In this table you can know the cost of shipping according to the delivery area.

Peninsular Spain and Balearic Islands:

free shipping

Canary Islands:

Maritime shipping

Up to € 20 - € 6.50 shipping

From € 20 to € 60 - € 14.95 shipping

More than € 60 - € 34.95 shipping

Customs Services

According to the second final provision of Law 3/2017, the wording of section 11 of article 14 of Law 20/1991, of June 7, amending the fiscal aspects of the Canary Islands Fiscal Economic Regime is modified. "Imports of goods into the Canary Islands and the services specified below are exempt from the tax, provided that the conditions and requirements demanded by the implementing regulations of this Law and the others established in the provisions that are applicable ":

- Imports of goods whose value does not exceed 150 euros (previously 22 euros). Excepted from the provisions of the preceding paragraph: Alcoholic products. Perfumes and eau de cologne. Raw tobacco or manufactured tobacco.

This new regulation implies significant savings in the export / import procedures with the Canary Islands, since the consideration of Low Values ​​is extended from € 22 to € 150, leaving these procedures for all shipments with origin or destination in the Canary Islands as follows:

DUA; Procedure for values ​​over € 150.00

Simplified Customs Management (GAS); Simplified procedure for values ​​up to € 150.00

Table with the value of the new costs derived from Customs Management:

(*) Exempt from Taxes (**) Taxes not included

High Value (greater than € 150.00) cost of taxes not included 16 € DUA Import

Low Value (less than or equal to € 150.00) cost taxes not included € 6.85 GAS ImportImportant notes:

-The T2LF document remains unchanged and current regulations and costs are maintained (€ 6 export costs plus import costs according to DUA / GAS value).

Ceuta Melilla, Andorra and Gibraltar.

Up to € 20 - € 6.50 shipping

From € 20 to € 60 - € 14.95 shipping

More than € 60 - € 34.95 shipping

Customs Services

Andorra & Gibraltar DUA Importación 24,5 €

Ceuta y Melilla.          DUA Importación 24,5 €

International Standard Shipping Europe:

Up to € 20 - € 9.95 shipping

From € 20 to € 60 - € 19.95 shipping

More than € 60 - € 39.95 shipping

Important Note:

-International Standard: The import or export DUA applies only to shipments to countries outside the European Union. -International Express: The import DUA only applies to shipments with countries of origin outside the European Union

Internacional Estándar   DUA Importación 22 €


All our products have a preparation period of 7 to 10 days. Once prepared we will proceed to the shipment, properly packed and protected so that they arrive in perfect condition.

Our transport company gives us a delivery time of 3 to 5 days, but they will surely do everything possible to deliver your order as soon as possible. At any time you can check the status of your shipment with the tracking number that we will provide.

Our products are made by hand, which does not exclude that we have made a mistake and have a manufacturing defect, if so, contact us and we will offer you a satisfactory solution. Defects of use, wear, a defective assembly or any other that does not correspond to a manufacturing defect will not be addressed.

In case you need any spare part due to a bad assembly, we will provide it to you, you only have to bear the cost of shipping the spare part, write us and tell us the part you need.