Wacahn's ascension

VAT included

Short story "The Ascension of Wacahn"

Amerindian legend.

Immerse yourself with the young Wacahn in his "rite of Montezuma", an initiatory journey full of dangers where he will have to put his wisdom, courage, agility and strength to the test to discover what his inner animal is.

Well suited for fostering consistency and purposeful fidelity.

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Kamishibai PRO EDITION (A3) short story "The Ascension of Wacahn".

Languages: Spanish, English, French and German.

ISBN: 9788415155836


No. of sheets - 18

ISBN - 9788415155836

Format - Kamishibai sheet uento

Dramaturgy - Elena Gisbert

Illustrations - Antonio Amago

Music - Iñaki Rubio

Includes - Story

Typography - Lowercase cast

Age of interest - From 9 to 12 years

Age of interest, from: - 8 years

Additional data - + 3 pictures (1 with cut-out puppets + 1 with miniatures + 1 with texts)

Cuento ascencion wacahn

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